Company Management

Boards, CEOs, and senior sales & marketing executives benefit from having a quantitative model to help determine:

  • The right plan for accelerating revenue growth when growth has been flat or in decline.

  • Whether you have a positive or negative sales yield.

  • Whether you are selling to the right market segments.

  • Whether you are investing enough in your sales team.

  • Whether you are investing enough in other parts of your business that support revenue generation.

  • The right profile for the kind of salesperson you need at your stage of growth.

  • The metrics and processes for accurate forecasting.

  • Whether you need to raise capital.

  • The right sales process so everyone in your company knows their role and is aligned in generating revenue.

  • Why your salespeople generate 80% of your revenue, and how you plan to increase productivity by reducing that proportion.

  • The effectiveness of your salespeople.

  • When and how to separate salespeople who are unwilling to accept necessary changes.

  • When to anticipate and prepare for your company’s transition from one stage of growth to the next, to avoid fiscal trauma.

We provide these offerings:

  • Assessment – Analysis that provides visibility into your current revenue-generation capability, evaluated against your desired business and revenue objectives.

  • Planning – Modeling that shows how to deploy capital to achieve your revenue targets profitably.

  • Design – Aligning, sequencing, and setting priorities for the execution of your plan.

  • Implementation – Help with managing your plan and periodically recalibrating it.

  • Operations – Help with running your sales organization until you can bring in your own management.

  • Recruiting – Help with define the recruiting process and with hiring and training your optimal sales team.

  • Benchmarking – Providing competitive analysis that compares your sales performance to that of key competitors.