Venture capital, private equity and private investors looking to manage their investments can benefit from a quantitative model that helps determine:

  • If revenue forecasts are accurate.

  • If the company is targeting the right market segments.

  • If it has a positive sales yield.

  • If the company has the right distribution strategy.

  • If it is recruiting the right people.

  • If the company has effective sales processes.

  • If it has defined the right sales methodologies.

  • If the company is burning investment capital at an appropriate rate.

We provide these offerings:

  • Assessment – Help with determining whether your capital is being deployed effectively.

  • Planning – Help with deciding how to deploy your capital and measuring its impact.

  • Design – Help with optimizing revenue generation strategies.

  • Implementation – Help with executing your plan.

  • Operations – Managing the sales team until you can bring in the right management.

  • Recruiting – Defining profiles for the kinds of salespeople you need and establishing an optimal sales recruiting process. 

  • Due DiligenceDetermine in advance whether your investment is likely to achieve your revenue projections.