Merger and Acquisition Executives

Companies engaged in M&A activity benefit from having a quantitative, due-diligence revenue assessment model that helps you execute:

  • What is the proper profile of the sales team in the integrated organization?

  • How do determine the accuracy of the sales forecast?

  • How do we determine who to keep and not keep?

The benefit of the tool is that we can do the due diligence faster and more thoroughly thereby reducing time and expenses necessary to validate your decision to merge or acquire a company.

We provide these offerings:

  • Assessment – We help evaluate the sales team in your target company, including their forecast, their pipeline, and their capacity to execute.

  • Planning – We help you think through ways to integrate sales organizations and processes for maximum revenue impact.

  • Benchmark – We compare the sales capabilities of your target company to those of similar companies in the industry.

  • Due DiligenceWe help you assess in advance whether your investment is likely to achieve your revenue expectations.