Sales Acceleration Frameworks

A structured and quantitative approach to growing your sales profitably

By Solution

Assessments and Growth Plans from Northstar8 to accelerate your revenue

Scale Your Revenue Growth
Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

Northstar Operational Revenue Model (NORM)™

Your systematic framework for scalable revenue growth. Assess your company’s stage of growth. Then identify areas where you need to invest to achieve your growth goals.

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Compass Selling™

Your navigation system for must-win deals. Provide tactical help for your sales team to close large enterprise deals that are too important to lose.

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By Role

We developed the Northstar Operational Revenue Model™ (NORM) to provide the
roadmap to profitable revenue growth.

We have targeted four key beneficiaries.

Company Management

Boards, CEOs, and Senior Sales & Marketing Executives...

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Venture Capital, Private Equity or Private Investors...

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Merger & Acquisition Executives

Companies engaged in Mergers and/or Acquisitions...

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Companies Raising Capital

Companies looking to raise capital...

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By Stage of Growth

Your growth challenges change with your stage of growth. So must your strategies.

Revenue growth challenges for a startup are very different from those of an industry leader. Get strategies for growth appropriate for every critical transition point in your company’s life cycle.


A Start-up Company with paying customers transitioning into Emerging Growth – You have a product, service or technology that you believe is differentiated. Learn more >



The Emerging-Growth Company transitioning into High Growth – You have traction in the marketplace and are generating positive cash flow. Learn more >



The High-Growth Company transitioning into Industry Leading – You have achieved six or more consecutive quarters of growth greater than 25%. Learn more >



The Industry-Leading Company transitioning into Legacy – You are recognized as one of the top companies in your market. Learn more >



The Mature Company – Your revenue growth is declining, and you must reinvent your company to High Growth. Learn more >