Sales Compass Deal Navigator

Win deals that are too important to lose.

What is the Sales Compass?

The Sales Compass™ is a framework for analyzing your position in big, multi-tiered deals. It
then helps you plan an appropriate strategy and navigate the uncertainty.

With the Sales Compass, you know exactly:

Where you are at all times in critical deals

Which strategies and tactics to deploy

How to leverage your opportunities

How to mitigate your disadvantages

Unlike other widely used frameworks for selling strategic deals, the Sales Compass
doesn’t require detailed forms or paperwork. There’s no data to enter.

It provides a fast, straightforward way for senior executives, sales managers, and reps to
quickly review the solidity of the pipeline. And to take appropriate next steps to
strengthen your position.

Who Benefits?

Understand your position in the deal

To evaluate your position, the Sales Compass™ helps you consider four elements or axes:


You evaluate your proximity to power in your customer’s

  • Have you developed relationships at the right levels?

  • Do you have a viable plan for influencing the right individuals?


You evaluate how much value your customer sees in your
offering. You ask 4 key questions:

  • How much money would we save the customer?
  • How much revenue would we help the customer generate?
  • How much would we help reduce the customer’s risk?
  • How are we helping to strategically reposition the customer’s company?

You consider the characteristics of the companies involved in the decision process. You assess your customer’s attitude toward risk, change, and innovation. You determine whether you’re selling to an an innovative company, an early adopter, a late adopter, or a laggard. You also asses the profile of your competitors and your own company. Then you adapt your sales approach to the profile of your customer.


You evaluate your customer’s buying process. Then you weigh the effectiveness of your sales process against that of your competitors.

How it works

The Sales Compass uses a three-step process:

1. Deal Workouts

You provide simple, straightforward information about your key deals.

You can do this through a teleconference call or a face-to-face session. No one has any elaborate forms to fill out.

You evaluate three key elements for every deal:

  • Your position
  • Your velocity or energy level
  • Time

Based on your position and timeline in a deal, you could use different types of deal strategies to manage the rate at which you progress through your sales process.

To evaluate the time factor, you consider what compelling events may be driving your customer’s decision process. And then you commit your forecast of when the deal will close.

2. Deal Planning

Devise exactly what the next steps

With the information you gather in the workout phase, you devise a plan based on your current position with the customer and your competitors.


3. Weekly Updates

With real-time customer insights

You update your information about the deal. Then we repeat and recalibrate the plan with new information.

The process repeats until the customer makes a decision.


What you get

You receive a toolkit your sales team can use to navigate every deal.

The toolkit:

  • Improves your ability to close must-win deals.
  • Warns you early if a deal appears to be at risk.

Northstar8 offers on-site training on use of the Sales Compass™ system.

Why it matters

Every large sales opportunity involves elements of uncertainty. The larger the deal and the more people who influence the decision, the greater the uncertainty.

For some deals, the stakes are so high that they directly affect your company’s future:

  • They represent big component of your sales forecast.
  • They involve a marquis account.
  • They open a new line of business.

With such deals, you can’t afford to rely on hope, positive thinking, and good intentions. You can’t rely solely on the judgment of a few sales reps. You need to involve your company’s best resources to win the opportunity.

You must realistically assess where you in the deal. And you must guide your team to their strongest competitive position relative to competitors.

That’s the value of the Sales Compass™ Deal Navigator.

"For some deals, the stakes are so high that they directly affect your company’s future."