How We Work

To insure you get a positive return on investment in working with Northstar8, our optimal process is to take the following steps:

  1. Discovery – if and where we can add value to your business.

  2. Proposal – specific to the unique characteristics of your business and your stage of growth based on our Discovery.

  3. Assessment – apply our NORM Assessment tool to perform a gap analysis of your revenue generation capability producing both the actions and investment required to close the gap as defined in our proposal.

  4. Plan – the output from our Assessment is used as input to our NORM Planning tool enabling you to model the amount, location and sequence of your investments and the projected revenue and expense impact.  The Plan tool can also help you determine if you are going to need to raise capital to achieve your growth targets.

  5. Design – the Plan tool output enables us to design a business plan for how you will execute.   This can be communicated to the Board of Directors, investors, senior management, or employees, and used as an Offering document for raising capital, to support valuations, or deployed as a due-diligence tool in M&A activity.

  6. Implement – we can help you execute the designed plan.

What we don’t do:

  • We do not meet with your salespeople as part of the assessment or planning phases of NORM.

  • We do not interrupt any component of your revenue generation activities except to meet with relevant Senior Management executives.

  • Share specific data about your business with any entity outside of your business.

  • Share specific data about your business with any entity within your business that has not been identified by you as relevant to our work.