Northstar8 actively develops a network of companies that can contribute their expertise to the success of our customer’s revenue generation initiatives.


Dave Vranicar
Founder and CEO, Redwell B2B

Redwell B2B provides consulting and content-creation services at the intersection of Sales and Marketing. Redwell’s goal is to help business-to-business companies accelerate revenue growth by helping Sales and Marketing work together as members of the same agile revenue team.

Most of Redwell’s clients are tech firms that engage in complex sales involving multiple decision influencers.

Content created by Redwell supports both inbound and outbound prospecting, including social selling and account-based marketing and sales development.

Clients include Infor, Manhattan Associates, Trax Technologies, DSM Technology Consultants, Northstar8, and other large and small companies.

Redwell is a business-development partner with Northstar8. The company also helps Northstar8 deliver services for the Sales Compass™ and the Northstar Operational Revenue Model™ (NORM).

Dave has spent two decades leading complex sales for software companies ranging in size from startups to SAP. For a decade he also led B2B marketing for 3M and other companies.


Eduardo Esparza
Founder and CEO, Market 8

Market 8 is a team of data-driven UI/UX designers, developers, copywriters, conversion optimizers, salespeople, and business strategists.

Together, we create research-based customer-centric websites that close the gap between B2B software companies and their customers. The result is cost-effective websites that sell.

Market 8 helps clients increase their marketing contribution to sales and shorten sales cycles by maximizing the effectiveness of their website assets through different stages of growth. To support this activity, Market 8 also offers a dashboard with 8 key metrics and 80 supporting ones that measure a website’s ability to drive revenue growth.

Market 8 has helped more than 200 firms launch and manage their websites. The company has received the International HubSpot Performance Award, 2 Impact awards, and 9 Hermes awards, including 4 Platinum B2B website awards in 2016.

Market 8 clients range from startups in the traction stage to mature enterprise clients such as Siemens PLM, Milliken, and Unisource Worldwide.