Who We Are

Northstar8 provides a compelling value proposition for Business Leaders, Sales Executives and Investors that require a quantitative model for generating measurable revenue growth for their companies.

Northstar8 provides our customers with visibility, alignment, sequencing and prioritization of the key disciplines, elements, and processes within the revenue generation domains of their business.

Many vendors provide consultative solutions focused on how you sell, or what some call the art of salesmanship. Northstar8 is focused on a metric-driven approach that we call the Science of Sales. Our mission is to integrate the Science of Sales with the Art of Salesmanship enabling our customers to profitably deploy capital to generate revenue.

John Stopper, Chief Executive Officer

John Stopper founded Northstar8 and created the Northstar Operational Revenue Model (NORM)TM to support his customers by delivering quantifiable metrics that provide optimal planning and execution of revenue generation strategies.

He has repeatedly demonstrated how to profitably grow global companies of varying sizes, and deploy capital cost-effectively throughout his 30-year career as CEO, board level executive and entrepreneur within the high-tech industry. Additionally, John has integrated his technology industry knowledge, sales and marketing management skills, field operations experience with proprietary tools and services that would support senior executives in their revenue generation strategies.

John has a strategic capability that requires anticipating trends, creating innovative technology solutions while transforming organizations to meet the competitive challenges of constantly evolving markets. His leadership experience includes completing successful engagements for mature, emerging growth and start-up firms.