There are a number of differences between novice or mediocre salespeople and high-performing Enterprise sales professionals. The primary difference is mindset. So, to move from being a novice to a Pro and consistently perform at a high level you need to first shift your mindset. Only then can you tackle the other requirements for creating sustainable results. Some of the key differences in mindset between novices and high-performing sales professionals are:

  • Novices are inconsistent. Pros consistently exceed their number.
  • Novices have goals. Pros have a system.
  • Novices focus on the outcome. Pros focus on the process.
  • Novices focus on the short term. Pros focus on the long term.
  • Novices are reactive. Pros are proactive.
  • Novices thrive on certainty. Pros thrive in uncertainty.
  • Novices focus on predictions. Pros focus on position.
  • Novices negotiate money. Pros negotiate time.
  • Novices focus on what they see. Pros focus on what they can't see.
  • Novices focus on speed. Pros focus on velocity.
  • Novices focus on their strengths. Pros understand their weak spots and look for help.
  • Novices see coaching as critique and avoid it. Pros see coaching as critical and seek it.
  • Novices focus on tactics. Pros focus on strategy.
  • Novices use AI for efficiency. Pros use AI for scale.

But, the most important attribute of a high-performing professional is one of the easiest things to get started on. If you are a novice or someone who wants to up your game, start here.

Pros show up every day.

Be the first one in the office each day. Or, if remote, start engaging before 7:00a. You don't have to know exactly why you are getting there so early nor exactly what you are going to do but get there first, put your butt in the chair and start connecting.

If you do this you will discover an interesting thing.....decision makers and people who make things happen are also in early and early is the best time to engage them.

There is no short-cut to creating this shift in mind-set. It’s just hard work.

Be committed to your craft. Study. Practice. Think. Act.

And just show up. Then you will start to see a shift in your mindset and success will follow.