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Our Mission is to help Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders & their Companies close more of their strategic, must-win, material impact Enterprise sales opportunities.  

Your Enterprise sales opportunities can be strategic for several reasons:

  • Size.  They are large enough to get everyone’s attention.
  • Brand. They are a great logo to have.
  • Expansion. They get you into new markets.
  • Validation. They support your growth strategy.
  • Competition. They help you outpace competitors.
  • Importance.  Every deal counts.

Your opportunities are ‘must-win’ for one reason:

  • One deal could help you make your number for the month, quarter, or year.

They are material impact because they are transformative:

  • For a Company it could change the growth trajectory of your business.
  • For Sales Professionals it could significantly increase your income and alter your career.

We do this by offering you the training, coaching, and consulting programs exclusively focused on sales & deal strategy to help you achieve consistent and sustainable high-performance sales.

We don’t offer programs focused on sales tactics or how you sell.  If you are an Enterprise sales professional or team, you should already have some skill with that.  Our focus is on strategy.


Because there is a strategy gap in the market today.  

There are 1000s of sales trainers & coaches, 100s of books, scores of software tools, and dozens of sales methodologies available in the market today.  Almost all focus on sales tactics or ‘how’ you sell.  That is fine if you are doing transactional sales.  But if you are doing Enterprise Sales, it’s not enough.  

 “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”. SunTzu.

Enterprise Sales Professionals need to be good at both tactics & strategy.  They are 2 sides of the same coin.  

This lack of focus on strategy could be a reason you are not making your number, losing to competition, or having deals sit in your forecast quarter after quarter.

Our objective is to help you correct that by focusing on helping you excel at sales and deal strategy.

“Strategy is the discipline of creating the power to achieve your objectives.”

We help you to develop the strategic skills to achieve your sales objectives.

How Do We Do This?

Our programs are based on a system developed by winning (and losing) 1000s of deals with global enterprises over a 40-year period.  The deal sizes have ranged from the 10s of thousands to the 10s of millions to many of the global 2000 business entities.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling software, hardware, or services.   Strategy is timeless and transcends the vertical.


Our System Is Called The Compass

The Compass is a navigation system that guides you through your deals to a successful outcome.  It helps you determine the right deal strategy to execute based on the timing of your close, your deal velocity and your position on a deal.

The Compass system is developed to help you design & implement your deal strategies immediately. Like now!  Time kills all deals!  

You don’t have the time to read books, fill out forms, nor spend days in a class.  You can apply the Compass system to deals at any point in your sales process.  They could be deals in the final stages but you are struggling with the close. Maybe your deals have lost velocity.  Or maybe you want to create new opportunities.  

And the Compass scales.  The larger and more competitive the better.

We offer Compass based training & coaching programs to both individuals and teams.  You could be Enterprise sales professionals to want to take their game to the next level. Or maybe you are already a high-performer and want to sustain that level or get even better.  Or maybe you are working on a single, transformative deal that you must-win. We can help.  Everyone needs a coach.



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