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Executive Program: Strategic Enterprise Sales Leadership

The involvement of the Executive Leadership team can significantly influence the outcome of strategic sales opportunities. This program will empower leadership with the essential skills & knowledge required for effective participation in key deals. You will be able to shape sales strategy, enhance your sales process, strengthen customer relationships, and improve your win rates.

Executive Program for Strategic Enterprise Sales Leadership

Enterprise sales can be a high-stakes business. Some deals have a significant impact on the growth trajectory of your business. These ‘must-win’ deals can make or break a quarter or even the year.

Enterprise sales is different from transactional sales. Strategy is not just a component of their success—it's the foundation.

This course, grounded in the proven sales strategy principles of the Compass system, is designed specifically for Business Leaders who are directly, or indirectly, involved in shaping, approving and closing your strategic enterprise sales.

All stakeholders including executives and board members need to understand how the deals are being forecasted and the impact they have on the entire business.


  • Strategic Insight: Learn to see beyond conventional sales tactics and activity narrative to understand the broader strategic scope of your deals.
  • Accurate Forecasting: Develop a better understanding of deal velocity and your actual position on a deal enabling more accurate forecasting.
  • Practical Skills: Equip yourself with the skill and knowledge to actively coach & support your sales team in navigating complex sales opportunities.
  • Enhanced Performance: The Compass system is designed to do the following:  

         ▪ Minimize discounting.
         ▪ Increase your deal size.
         ▪ Shorten your sales cycle.
         ▪ Reduce your cost of sale.
         ▪ Boost the number of Salespeople making quota.
         ▪ Decrease your sales budget.


As a Business Leader, your participation in enterprise deals is pivotal. This course offers you the tools and insights to make a marked difference in your approach to sales strategy, significantly impacting your team's success and your organization's growth.

Take the Step Towards Enterprise Sales Mastery. Empower yourself and your Executive team with the strategies needed for success in the competitive landscape of enterprise sales. Enroll in our course today and begin the journey to transforming your sales outcomes.

  • Compass System Overview: High-level review of the Compass strategic framework.
  • Real-World Application: Deal workouts on your actual opportunities to learn how to apply the Compass principles effectively in your sales process.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: How to foster collaboration between your executive team and sales to ensure alignment and support.
  • Role of Leadership: Define how and when executive involvement can make the most impact.
  • Relationship Building Skills: How to build and nurture strategic relationships with key customer executives.
  • Negotiation Techniques: Advanced negotiation skills overview to ensure executives can effectively contribute to deal discussions and to clearly communicate value.
  • Customer-Centric Leadership: Emphasis on the role of leadership in driving customer success and long-term partnerships by engaging with confidence in your sales process.
  • Forecasting: How to use the Compass system to interpret your Enterprise sales forecast so you can communicate it accurately to your Board and Investors.
  • Format: ½ day or full day options. On-site or virtual (Zoom).
    ▪ Unlimited number of participants.
    ▪ Open to Board members and/or Investors.
    ▪ Includes on-going coaching support for all participants
    ▪ Pre-session interviews and custom preparation of materials.
    ▪ 6 months of deal ‘hot-line’ coaching support.
    ▪ Tailored to the unique dynamics of your organization & industry.
  • Fee: ½ Day - $3,500. Full Day - $6,000.

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