The Helmsman

An Enterprise Sales Coaching Course for Sales Leaders

This Helmsman MasterClass is designed for Sales Leaders looking to improve their Enterprise sales coaching and sales leadership skills with a focus on territory management, meeting management, forecasting, deal strategy & sales execution. Building on the foundation of the Compass system, we will break down the enterprise sales cycle and help you understand how to effectively support your sales team through the sales process. The materials covered include defining the Enterprise Sales Process, how to design deal strategy and integrate your sales tactics with that strategy. And, most importantly, work with you on improving the accuracy of your Enterprise sales forecast.

This Compass Selling course aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Close deals faster. The Compass strategy is about how to navigate from point A to point B in the shortest time possible. You will be trained on the Compass Selling system to you know how & when to get either indirectly involved in a deal as a coach or get directly involved as a participant in the deal.
  • Close larger deals. The Compass Value Chain session will help you coach your teams to uncover additional value that will help you minimize discounting and negotiate larger deals.
  • Reduce your cost of sale by more efficient use of resources. The Compass will guide you in leveraging your own company resources more effectively.
  • Forecast more accurately. The Compass will guide you in how to forecast your Enterprise sales opportunities.
  • Qualify leads more effectively. Enterprise sales opportunities never die, they just fade away. The Compass will guide you on prioritizing your resource allocation.
  • Gain better control over the timing of your deals.
  • Improve your ability to maneuver your deals into a position to close in a timely manner.
  • Accelerate deal velocity so you have the momentum to close your deals quickly.
  • Be viewed as a trusted advisor by your customers. Compass Selling helps you develop your Solution Selling Skills.
  • Effective coaching. We will train you on the Compass deal workout process. This provides you with a standard process for consistent training & coaching. With a consistent process, your team will know what is expected of them and your coaching events will be shorter but more productive.

Sales leaders

  • Coaching & Leading on Sales Strategy & Execution
  • 3 weeks. 3 Live Coaching Sessions per Week
  • Intensive course on using Compass Selling to coach & lead your Sales team
  • How to engage with your Enterprise sales team and coach them on their deals
  • Virtual training course.
  • Premium version: On-going coaching and mentorship on Enterprise sales strategies

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