Sales Professionals Course

Are you a Sales Professional looking to take your game to the next level? This course is tailored to elevate your game by helping you master winning sales strategy. Dive into advanced deal strategy development and execution designed to help you close more of your sales opportunities, consistently exceed your number and sustain high-performance sales.

This Compass Selling Course Aims to Achieve the Following Outcomes:

  • Close deals faster. The Compass strategy is about how to navigate from point A to point B is the shortest time possible.
  • Close larger deals. The Compass Value Chain session will help you uncover additional value that will help you minimize discounting and negotiate larger deals.
  • Reduce your cost of sale by more efficient use of resources. The Compass will guide you in leveraging your own company resources more effectively.
  • Forecast more accurately. The Compass will guide you in how to forecast your Enterprise sales opportunities.
  • Qualify leads more effectively. Enterprise sales opportunities never die, they just fade away. The Compass will guide you on prioritizing your resource allocation.
  • Gain better control over the timing of your deals.
  • Improve your ability to maneuver your deals into a position to close in a timely manner.
  • Accelerate deal velocity so you have momentum to close your deals

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