The Racer 

An Enterprise Deal Strategy Program for Sales Teams

This program is designed to help sales teams develop & execute winning deal strategies for active deals that you want to close in the next couple of quarters. Based on the strategic principles of the Compass system, it combines training with a heavy emphasis on coaching and deal workouts. The objective of this Racer program is to get you in an optimal position to close your immediate opportunities.

The Compass: A Sales Masterclass The Racer – Intensive Enterprise Deal Strategy Coaching for Sales Professionals & Leaders

“Tactics without Strategy is the noise before defeat” Sun Tzu.

Most sales training & coaching is focused only on tactics or ‘how’ you sell. But Enterprise selling requires you to be good at strategy. Sales Strategy is the discipline of creating the power to close your deals & make your number. It is the who, what, when, where & why you sell. Strategy & tactics are 2 sides of the same coin. You have to be good at both. Being good at strategy will help your sales team be more adaptive, customer-centric, and aligned with both the customer’s goals and your organization’s objectives.

This Racer program is designed to train & coach sales teams on how to develop & execute winning deal strategies. It is light on concepts and heavy on application. You will learn the strategic principles of the Compass system and how to apply those on your active opportunities. The goal of this 6 week program is to help you meet your sales targets by getting as many of your strategic, must-win, deals closed as possible.

Course Highlights:

  • Compass System Overview: Training on the strategic principles of the Compass system.
  • Real-World Application: Deal workouts & coaching on your actual opportunities to learn how to apply the Compass principles effectively in your sales process.
  • Strategy Selection: You will learn the various types of deal strategies and which ones are more effective in different scenarios.
  • Integration of sales strategy & tactics. In Enterprise Sales strategy drives tactics. You will learn how to integrate & apply the right tactics based on your select strategy.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: You will learn how to leverage other parts of your company to support the development of your deal strategy & execution.
  • Relationship Building Skills: How to build and nurture strategic relationships with key customer executives.
  • Negotiation Strategy: You will apply proven strategies for increasing your deal size and decreasing your sales cycle.
  • Forecasting: You will learn how to forecast your Enterprise deals accurately.
  • Positioning: Developing a clear understanding of your position on a deal. Position drives strategy so this is important.
  • Account Planning: Creating strategic plans for key accounts to maximize value over the long term.
    Sales Process
  • Optimization: Aligning sales tactics with a strategic sales process that guides your Buyer’s from initial contact through to closing and beyond.
  • Format: Remote / virtual (Zoom) with options to work on-site.
  • Includes on-going coaching support for all participants
  • Pre-session interviews and custom preparation of materials.
  • 6 months of deal ‘hot-line’ coaching support.
  • Tailored to the unique dynamics of your organization & industry.
  • 2 Sessions / Week for 6 Weeks. This is an intense program designed for quick results.
  • Fee: Pricing is based on the number of salespeople who will be in the course. Contact us for a quote.



  • Strategic Insight: Learn to see beyond conventional sales tactics and activity narratives to understand the broader strategic scope of your deals.
  • Accurate Forecasting: Develop a better understanding of deal velocity and how your position on a deal impacts accurate sales forecasting.
  • Practical Skills: Learn the principles of strategy and how to apply them to your active sales opportunities.
  • Enhanced Performance: The Compass system is designed to do the following:
         ⚬ Minimize discounting.
         ⚬ Increase your deal size.
         ⚬ Shorten your sales cycle.
         ⚬ Make sure you exceed your number.
         ⚬ Help you be good at strategy. Interesting things happen to your 
            career when you get good at strategy.


The Compass: A Sales Masterclass The Racer – Intensive Enterprise Deal Strategy Coaching for Sales Professionals & Leaders

This Racer program offers you the tools and insights to make a marked difference in your approach to sales strategy, significantly impacting your sales success and your career growth.

Take the Step Towards Enterprise Sales Mastery. Empower yourself with the strategies needed for success in the competitive landscape of enterprise sales. Enroll in our course today and begin the journey to transforming your sales outcomes.

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