The Racer 

An Enterprise Deal Strategy Program for Sales Teams

The involvement of the Executive Leadership team can significantly influence the outcome of strategic sales opportunities. This program will empower leadership with the essential skills & knowledge required for effective participation in key deals. You will be able to shape sales strategy, enhance your sales process, strengthen customer relationships, and improve your win rates.

This course was designed to do one thing: to help enterprise sales teams develop & execute winning strategies for active deals that you are trying to close in the next quarter or two.

The Compass: A Sales Masterclass The Racer – Intensive Enterprise Deal Strategy Coaching for Sales Professionals & Leaders

This Compass Selling course aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  •  To have you close your deals and make your forecast and your quota.
  • To have you and your company achieve your revenue objectives.
  • Develop the right deal strategy for each active sales opportunity.
  • To do deal workouts on each deal. Deal workouts are like practice sessions. They provide the opportunity to uncover flaws on our strategy & tactics so we can adjust then execute for optimal impact.
  • To get outside optics on what is going on with your Enterprise deals.
  • To have you learn how to properly navigate Enterprise deals. 

Enterprise Sales Professionals

  • Rapid deal strategy development and execution
  • 2 Day Live Coaching Session
  • Intensive course on applying Compass Selling to active deals requiring rapid impact
  • Premium version: On-going coaching and mentorship on Enterprise sales strategies

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