Tailor your strategy and tactics
to your company's stage of growth

whether you’re a startup, an industry leader, or somewhere between

  • Scale Your revenue growth
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost

See how to accelerate sales

Put yourself on a more predictable path to growth.

Embrace these key insights:

1. Your growth challenges change with your stage of growth

That's why your strategies must also change with your stage of growth.

Revenue growth challenges for a startup are very different from those of an industry leader.

Yet some executives and advisors rely on the same favorite growth strategies and tactics over and over – even for companies at different stages of growth.

This is usually a mistake:

  • A strategy that’s perfect for one stage may be quite wrong for another.

  • You can waste precious time and money if you try to implement a plan that’s inappropriate for your company’s stage of growth.

  • You may also reduce the valuation of your company.

  • Companies typically get into trouble at the transition points between growth phases.

Now you can anticipate and proactively enact the right strategy at each transition point.

That's better than reacting to slower revenue growth.


See your key issues and your appropriate focus for each transition point:


I. Traction

Startup to Emerging Growth


Your Focus:


Your Enemy:


Your key issues:

Balancing cash flow and burn rate
Establishing product life cycle
Getting your first reference customers

Generating repeatable revenue
Validating the problem and solution


II. Brand

Emerging Growth to High Growth


Your Focus:


Your Enemy:

Lack of focus and clarity

Your key issues:

Scaling too soon
Establishing a segmentation strategy
Transition from early adopters to mainstream buyers
Winning the right business
Establishing the right sales profile
Establishing your brand

Creating infrastructure to support revenue growth
Defining your sales process
Defining your sales methodologies
Defining your sales model
Aligning your organization
Establishing your “sales factory”

III. Scale

High Growth to Industry Leading


Your Focus:


Your Enemy:

Running out of capacity

Your key issues:

Evolving the profile of your sales team
On-boarding & developing talent at scale
Evolving your sales model from single channel to multi-channel

Maintaining quality at the customer interface
Establishing or evolving your structure and processes
Increasing throughput

IV. Innovate

Industry Leading to Legacy


Your Focus:


Your Enemy:


Your key issues:

Finding new opportunities for growth
Aligning your organization
Keeping good people
Managing expenses
Minimizing churn

Fending off new competition
Listening to customers
Becoming the voice of your Industry
Establishing multi-channel distribution
Driving efficient throughput

V. Reinvent

Legacy to High Growth


Your Focus:


Your Enemy:

Declining valuation

Your key issues:

Defining the drags on your business
Reversing lost market share
Renewing your ability to compete
Refurbishing your declining brand

Generating repeatable revenue
Validating the problem and solution

2. You must think beyond your sales organization

For predictable, sustainable growth you must consider your entire organization.

An efficient revenue machine contains interlocking gears.

Any broken or damaged gear compromises the performance of the whole machine.


Like gears, multiple business functions in your company contribute to revenue growth.

Or they can slow your growth if they don’t align properly.

That’s why your growth plan must evaluate all your business functions.

3. It’s best to base your strategic decisions on data...

...not opinions or experience that may not fit your situation.

You and your management team are smart. Your experience and insights are priceless.

Yet sometimes we all apply the lessons we’ve learned in the past to new situations where they don’t quite apply.

But now you can use facts and data to show you the best way to grow your organization.


For decades, Northstar8 has been perfecting a system
that accelerates revenue growth.

Predictably and reliably.


John Stopper, founder of Northstar8, has occupied positions that range from salesperson to CEO of several Fortune 2000 software companies.

He has worked with companies in closing thousands of deals worth nearly $2 billion in revenue.

As both a sales leader and CEO, John developed and refined methods and analytical tools to accelerate revenue growth. The solutions he developed are effective for the full range of companies where John has worked.

Now Northstar8 makes those refined methods and tools available to other software companies at all stages of growth.

With Northstar8, you invest only in the right strategies for your company’s current stage of growth

And you anticipate the challenges of your next phase.

Learn more about how we can help you
drive predictable, sustainable revenue growth

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